I am Haseeb Awan & my name literal meaning is Accountant. I am  working on solving complicated financial & economical problems with the help of technology. Iv’e a track record of two successful business exits, raising over 100M in venture capital & growing the customer base from 0-4 Million users & expanding the business globally into 15 countries across 4 continents within 18 months. I’ve been included among the top 100 influential people in FINTECH globally, won multiple international awards, wrote for and is mentioned on multiple international media & frequently speaks at international conferences & government committees.

By Degree I am an Electrical Engineer with Masters Degree in Engineering Management. I also have studied Financial Markets from Yale University & actively hold Project Management Professional (PMP) designation. I am Y-Combinator & Next Founder Alumni.

I bought my first bitcoins 7 years ago & since then working full time in the industry.My career in crypto started when I co-founded the Bitcoin ATM company 6 years ago & installed the first bitcoin ATM in Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Montreal Ottawa & 50 other major cities in 15 countries among 4 continents within 18 months. I personally invested in 30+ companies & advising over 10 companies on branding, marketing & sales. I spend my Summer in Toronto & Winter in California along with my wife & son. 

In my free time, I try to spend distraction free time with my family & friend doing outdoor activities involving food. I also read 20-25 books per years & listen to podcasts while travelling. 

This is a personal blog to churn thoughts mostly around leadership, finance, marketing & startups.  I am always excited to learn from others so feel free to connect with me or subscribe using the form on the top left. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to study or work with the following organisations