I get a lot of emails/tweets and other messages per day which are not urgent nor important, however they take away my momentum and attention. They constantly feel like something I am obliged to read or respond resulting in low productivity. PG have an excellent lecture on it. It’s like a to-do list that is created by others for you.

It’s however rude not to respond to emails. I respond to every email that is sent to me even if it was a marketing pitch as long as it is written specifically for me and not generic mass mail. 

With passage of time these emails start to clog up your email and haunt your productivity unless you just ignore them, which I do not recommend because there is always an opportunity to learn more. 

I came up with a 60 minutes sprint twice a week, which helped in achieving efficiency, which I am sharing below

  • Open up the mails there not urgent nor important and could be responded in less than180 seconds.
  • If you are left with some time, I would may be respond to emails that are not urgent but may be of some importance. 
  • Do this while standing 
  • Keep your phone away during the practice
  • No music  or any other app should be open

I wont spend more than 2 hours per week on this exercise and I star/label the emails that are unanswered. I answer them whenever I get time which could be a month even 🙂