there is a major difference between letting other people do you work and delegation. Passing off your work means you are not responsible of it anymore. Delegation means that you are now more responsible for the work.

Doing things your self is easy and teaching is difficult. Delegation brings the best of your self, because whenever you are teaching you are more concerned about the quality than ever before. Want to try ? Teach some one driving 😉

During delegating, you have to write down the process and keep on iterating them based on best practices. Never ever expect or force people to do it your way. I recommend that you give them the deliverables and expectation and let them find a way to do it. If they do it better way, you have learnt some thing. If not, you share the way you do it and expected a better result. Delegation is an iterative process and not linear. You delegate, check back improve and then delegate again.

Bottom line. Delegation is teaching people how to perform better than you !