I am YC Alumni from S’14 & happy to review your application. Over the last 5 years, I’ve reviewed more than 100 applications, so have got a bit of sense of how it should be written. This however doesn’t make me an expert or authority of any sort. It’s just a second set of eyes to review to give feedback. YC is alot about giving back to community, which here are the founders who’re building companies that’ll shape our future.

I’ve wrote this blog piece to help future aspirants.

  • Regardless of what stage are you at, you should apply to YC. Just going through the application will help you answer questions that may make you uncomfortable. Keep a copy of the application and do review it from time to time to see how you’ve progressed.
  • DON’T do things just to get into YC. Focus should be to do things to help grow your company
  • Keep application concise & to the point
  • Search for previous YC applications which are publically available to get an idea
  • Search for YC Founders on Social Media. LinkedIn/Twitter are the most obvious ones, where other founders have publically shown the willingness to review it.
  • Founders time is precious. Be courteous & thankful to them
  • Send the best version of your application. Founders may NOT review it twice.
  • Don’t pay any one to do it.
  • If you’re unable to make it this time, that’s fairly common. Keep the founder who reviewed your application updated. You’ll be surprised how quickly the next batch comes.
  • Reviewers don’t know your industry so don’t use vague terminologies
  • Here is the process I’ve devised for the application

Create a google docs with your COMPLETE application with comments options so I can put my comments along with it. If it’s not ready, I may not be able to provide you feedback on it. I’ll leave recommendation based on my assessment unless you specify me not to do it

Here is the link to apply

Review My Application

Watch this video by Garry Tan on tips as well , who interviewed us for the YC & was our group partner as well. He is an amazing guy

Content of this post is written in personal capacity & will be updated as required.