In old times Kings had strange requests and they had advisors whose jobs was to fulfill them. Failure to do so results in punishments that varied from imprisonment, demotion or in severe case even death penalties. Once upon a time a king made another request. He said tell me something that changes my mood by 180 degree. If I am unhappy, it makes me happy and if I am happy it makes me unhappy. Now this was a challenging question and it was passed on from advisor to advisor until one person came up with an answer, but he had a request. King can only look at the answer, when he is either very sad or happy. King accepted it and the advisor wrote it on a piece of paper.
Few months later, his kingdom got attacked and he suffered lot of loss. Sitting in his balcony by himself he wanted to comfort himself and thought of that paper came into his mind. He looked at it and suddenly, he became happy. They fought back after few months and captured it again. While celebrating the victory, his mind went through that piece of paper and it made him upset.

“Life never remains the same. This time will change”

This line made him humble when he was strong and ambitious when he was weak. Time never remains the same and in time of distress we have to remember that good times are ahead. Diamond is byproduct of the extreme pressure and temperature and nothing comes without hard work.

That which does not kill us, makes us stronger – Friedrich Nietzsche