Security Token Podcast Guest Intake Form

I would like to personally thank you for being a guest on Security Token Podcast. I know that together we’ll be able to put a great show to help educate the audience.

This show is mostly an informal conversion along the lines of fireside chat, where I’ll throw questions at you, challenge you & try to get the best out of the conversation.

My job as the host is to make sure you’re provided an uninterrupted opportunity to deliver your message, however I’ll be free to express my reservations or contradict if I feel so. I’ll be respectful of your opinion even though if I don’t agree with it. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, please feel free to let me know during the conversation.

We’re making this in the wider interest of the audience so I request you to be super honest, clear & tangible during the call.

Interviews are edited before they’ll be published. I can send you a copy for your review before I push it if you want me to. This way if you want some thing to be edited, we can do it.

Just before publishing, we’ll send you the marketing materials that you may share among your marketing channels.

Enter the name that you want to be referred as during the show introduction. Also if you've an alternative nickname, please mention it in brackets
If you're associated with a organization, do mention it's legal name or brand name.
You can either have a personal, official or combination of both
This bio will be shared in start of the show. Feel free to add both personal & professional accomplishments/failures. Should be around 30-90 seconds
Enter personal and/or organization email, website & social media to be advertised after the show
While i'll be generally guiding the conversation, do you've any topics you want to be covered during the call
Please confirm that you've access to high-quality headphones, mic & high speed internet. You can NOT use Ear buds, built in computer mic or webcam mic. If you think you may have challenges with internet, let me know & I'll arrange a regular phone call interview. Thank you for understanding. *
The podcast guest or contributor named above hereby agrees to the recording and broadcast or other distribution of reproduction(s) of the Guest’s voice as part of the above named program (herein referred to as the “Program”).Guest does hereby acknowledge that Efani Inc. (“Producer”) is the sole owner of all rights in and to the Program, and the recording thereof, for all purposes; and has the right, among other things, to distribute the Program one or more times by any medium or mode of transmission whatsoever. Any materials relating to the production and distribution of the Program become property of Efani Inc.Guest further acknowledges and agrees: (a) Guest will receive no compensation for appearances on and participation in the Program unless otherwise stated in writing. (b) Guest’s name and likeness may be used in advertising and promotional material for the Program, but not as an endorsement of any product or service. (c) Guest hereby releases and discharges Producer together with all of Producer’s principals, shareholders, officers, employees, agents, successors, heirs, assigns and affiliates from any and all liability arising out of or in connection with the making, producing, reproducing, processing, exhibiting, distributing, publishing, transmitting by any means or otherwise using the above-mentioned production. (d) Efani Inc. has the sole and exclusive right to use, modify and distribute such Materials, throughout the world, in perpetuity in any form.
Shows are generally released within 2-6 weeks of recording, however dates can be altered as per your request. Do you want a specific release date ?
Would you like to review the show before release. This provides you with an opportunity to request editing if you would like.